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A variety of piling techniques can be provided dependant upon your specific circumstances, i.e. project layout / access restrictions / ground conditions etc.

Bottom Driven Steel Cased Piles

100mm Diameter – 50kN SWL
150mm Diameter – 100kN SWL
220mm Diameter – 275kN SWL
273mm Diameter – 400kN SWL
323mm Diameter – 500kN SWL

Open Hole Augured Piles

200mm Diameter – 150kN SWL
250mm Diameter – 200kN SWL
300mm Diameter – 250kN SWL
400mm Diameter – 350kN SWL
600mm Diameter – 500kN SWL

CFA Piles

300mm Diameter – 250kN SWL
450mm Diameter – 375kN SWL
600mm Diameter – 500kN SWL.

DTHH (Down The Hole Hammer) Piles

168mm Diameter – Upto 500kN SWL
220mm Diameter – Upto 750kN SWL
273mm Diameter – upto 1000kN SWL

Top Driven Heavy Wall Tubular Piles

140mm Diameter – 250kN SWL
177mm Diameter – 350kN SWL
193mm Diameter – 450kN SWL


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